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Why should I switch to a Green Web Hosting provider?

Web servers might sound like an insignificant source of emissions when talking about climate change but with a closer look this turns out to be very far from the truth. The sheer number of websites and web servers is so astounding and the industry growing so rapidly that CO2 emissions from web hosting services have been predicted to exceed those from airline industry by 2020.

"Already, the world's 44 million servers consume 0.5 percent of all electricity, with data center emissions now approaching those of countries such as Argentina or the Netherlands."

Source: http://www.mckinsey.com/clientservice/ccsi/pdf/Data_Centers.pdf

Luckily there are already greener web hosting providers, which use renewable energy sources like wind or solar power, to not only power the servers and routers, but for air conditioning as well. In addition, some green hosting companies have even calculated their emissions from offices and employees commuting to work and offset all of these emissions to become carbon neutral.

One might expect to see the price of renewable energy directly in the hosting plans, but you can hardly see this in the prices at all. One explanation is that these green hosting companies have often taken better advantage of available energy saving technologies, such as virtualization, in their data centers. This translates into savings which compensate for the added costs of renewable energy. The cheapest web hosting companies listed here at Greener Web Hosting have hosting plans starting from $4.95 per month.

Green web hosting services

By using these green hosting services you not only make sure that your own web sites are as green as possible, but at the same time when people switch to wind and solar powered web hosting, this will give a clear message to other web hosting providers. As the demand grows, more and more web hosting providers will start offering greener web services and green web hosting could even become the norm.

There are big differences in how environmentally friendly these Green web hosting services actually are. Let's take a closer look with: Environmental reviews.

Green hosting reviews

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Note: by our standards ordinary web hosting services have a one or two star rating  any of the featured green hosting providers is better than these.


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