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Introduction and features

Permahost started out as an environmental MLM company called Permaworld and later started offering web hosting services. Their marketing background can still be seen in the hosting service they offer. This web hosting plan has features which might be valuable to marketing oriented website owners. In addition to the basic tools like autoresponders, they offer a website replicator and a fully functional ad tracking system, which can be used with any product or website.

Permahost has only one hosting plan, which should suffice for basic web hosting needs, including the ability to host unlimited websites with their own domains.

One interesting aspect of Permahost is their support. Permahost is really a small company and you will get personal support. With personal I mean that you will soon get to know the people running the company and answering your emails on a first name basis. Their background has also helped form a tight community quite unlike the faceless support systems of big hosting companies. Because of the MLM background most people participating in the forums seem to have an internet marketing focus. This community can be an added bonus for some people, while others might find it simply annoying. In which case you should just stick to your own hosting account and deal with technical issues via email.
My own hosting with Permahost was short lived. One of my PHP scripts simply would not work. The same script had worked with another hosting provider and has worked since on a third one. I didn't do much to find out what the problem was I simply went with another hosting provider. This was several years ago and they have probably upgraded their PHP system several times since then. In any case, if you use any kind of scripting with your websites, make sure they work properly before committing to a hosting plan.

Having said that, the people at Permahost seem really nice and would most probably grant you a full refund in case there was anything they couldn't fix.
Environmental aspects
Permahost relies on Green Certificates for their renewable energy needs, but have decided to buy even more than they actually use. They have calculated their energy use and cover it 130% with Green Certificates.

The data center they use boasts with energy efficiency measures in addition to reliability.

From the very beginning the idea of Permaworld and later Permahost was to raise money for environmental organizations. This gives an added value to the hosting package from the environmental point of view.
Permahost is a refreshing change in the website hosting scene, especially regarding their personal touch with support. Had I not encountered the scripting problems mentioned earlier I would have stayed with them for the environmental benefits. I can't say that they are the most reliable hosting service out there, although the data center they use is quite convincing. Permahost definitely has it's peculiarities whether you like these or not is a matter of personal taste, I suppose.

If you decide to try Permahost, say hello to Billy for me. ;-)


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